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initial_look's Journal

First Impressions
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This is the celebration community for ambitious_woman to celebrate her one year anniversary on livejournal!

It was a long, hard day in RS chat, when a bunch of Ms. ambitious_woman's friends realized her one-year was coming up! They decided to do something extra-special for the muse who is a muse to others all on her own.

Here you will find ficlets, videos, icons, and artwork related to the beloved ambitious_woman from those who love her dearly! The theme is "first impressions"!

Happy Anniversary!

I do not thrive on first impressions
I win 'em over slow
You won't know I'm worth a second look
unless you look before you know

I do not thrive on first impressions
I fade in passing glance
but I know I am quite impressive
when given more than half a chance

I do not thrive on first impressions
Those who know me know
that I'm more than even I believe
and I'm afraid to let it show

I do not thrive on first impressions
but one day you will tell
those who don't absolutely adore me
must not know me very well

-Dena Colvin

Header made lovingly for this community by eleventh_doctor
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